​Having been on every which side of events - in the audience, at the back of the room, and on stage - Tonia has a robust understanding and appreciation for not only what your audience wants, but also what you want for them.

“I can only say that I was glad Tonia made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean to deliver her talk our guests. Her talk was world class, not only in terms of content, but also delivery - personal, entertaining and highly inspiring. No wonder the feedback from the participants was excellent.”

Andreas Wettstein

Book Yourself Solid Switzerland

“By the telling of her transformation, Tonia invites us to experience our own. Self Care is all about getting real - so we can get on to the very real business of changing the world.”

Adam Hansen

VP of Innovation at Ideas to Go

“Tonia takes us behind the curtain of entrepreneurship, straight down the rabbit hole into the land of burn out. Half master storyteller, half espresso-fueled girlfriend, Tonia is the perfect self-care spokesperson for the crazy busy entrepreneur.”

Ann Sheybani

Author of How to Eat an Elephant

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