Did you ever have that moment, growing up in The Church, that feeling when something you were just told to do or to believe goes against what you simply know to be true? Sometimes it feels like a skip in a record. Sometimes like a pit in your stomach, one that you’re tiptoeing around, never really sure how deep the hole is.

Do you miss the community and connection of the local church? But at the same time, want to have a honest conversation, one without judgment, about what you experienced? And just as importantly, to know where to go from here in your own spiritual journey? 

Join us as we consciously unravel the many layers of what and how we were told to be, in the process of becoming who we already are.

*All genders and faiths (active or otherwise) welcome. 

“Recovering Church Girls digs into deep and deeply personal topics with both sensitivity and punch.”

Shane Snow

Best-Selling Author of Smartcuts and Dream Teams

“This is such important work. I've been keeping this in for years...Thank you for creating a place for me to be able to finally talk about this!”

“On our wedding night, I remember being terrified. I couldn’t breathe. After a lifetime of hearing, “No, No, No” about sex, and having built my life on this purity stance... In just a matter of moments, it was all going to be over. Who was I now?”

Carrie Saum, Author

“It’s about supporting all of us to grow in our personal evolution; it’s such a beautiful time but can be so scary. So scary! Thank you for the gorgeous work you’re doing!”

Sylvia Becker-Hill

Founder of Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School

“I remember crying myself to sleep… it was very traumatizing, that anxiety. I didn’t feel like I could talk to anyone about it, that I would be alienated if people knew I had these doubts….”

Anna Jane Joyner

Social and Environmental Activist, Podcast Host and MegaChurch Pastor’s Daughter

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