Doors will open soon for the next enrollment of the Well Lived Life…

Contact us to join the waiting list; we’d love to have you! And in the meantime,

check out what some of our current students have to say about their experience:


“Thank you for helping me get unstuck. Taking a break from running on the treadmill for long enough to think about and DO the things I’m passionate about and have been wanting to do… it’s been a transformational breakthrough and has released so much energy. And the crazy thing is that energy is being picked up by others who share and heighten it – and attract more of it. I feel batshit crazy saying it all, but it’s just the undeniable truth.” – T.


“I always feel inspired and empowered after calls with you; thank you! You have a way of asking the right questions to cause me to sharpen my focus and identify my desires in ways that I am not always doing on my own.” – A.


“I feel that this program highlights the ways that I need to be more balanced and helps remind me of the direction I want my life to take.” – S.


“Thanks again for our call today, and for your advice, suggestions and words of wisdom. It means so much to me and has given me a lot to think about.” – V.