I’ve been where you are.

As a single mom, trying to figure out what The New Normal is as I get my feet back under me again – and trying not to burn out in the process.

As I left both the corporate world and organized religion, peeling back the layers of what I was told to be, want, or believe; all in service of finding out who I already am and creating from that place of connection.

As an entrepreneur with more ideas than time, money, or energy. As a business owner who was no longer a solopreneur and now had to shift both the way I think and work in order to be effective.

RISE is our first step, to reconnect with ourselves. To take a honest and all-encompassing look at our lives as the stand right now, and to start to dream as to what they could become.

RISE to Launch takes us from the dream to the execution; our strategy sessions to develop an actionable plan to develop and launch your creative efforts into the world, from the serial entrepreneur who’s already done it.

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