“Thank you for helping me get unstuck. Taking a break from running on the treadmill for long enough to think about and DO the things I’m passionate about and have been wanting to do… it’s been a transformational breakthrough and has released so much energy. And the crazy thing is that energy is being picked up by others who share and heighten it – and attract more of it. I feel batshit crazy saying it all, but it’s just the undeniable truth.” – T.

“By the telling of her transformation, Tonia invites us to experience our own. Self Care is all about getting real – so we can get on to the very real business of changing the world.” – Adam Hansen, VP of Innovation at Ideas to Go

“Want to get your head on straight? Have a call with Tonia.” – J.

“Tonia takes us behind the curtain of entrepreneurship, straight down the rabbit hole into the land of burn out. Half master storyteller, half espresso-fueled girlfriend, Tonia is the perfect self-care spokesperson for the crazy busy entrepreneur.”

– Ann Sheybani, Author of How to Eat an Elephant

“I always feel inspired and empowered after calls with you; thank you! You have a way of asking the right questions to cause me to sharpen my focus and identify my desires in ways that I am not always doing on my own.” – A.

“I’m writing from the spa, this trip was inspired by our last call – and I’ve just come up with a new project that I am so excited about!” – Andrea Naar Alba, Italy Inspires